MitoZen’s NAD+ Refuel


I often have my patents do the following 90 day SCHEDULE:

  1. 3-5 days a week take NeuroNAD™  in the morning upon waking. (Best if practicing intermittent fasting & skipping breakfast, but not necessary) .
  2. Use NeuroNAD™ Mist 2-3 times a day using 2 sprays each nostril. (The Mist can also be done fasting or feeding)

What is NAD+? Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a metabolic co-enzyme that structures, repairs, and is an essential component of energy production (mitochondrial function); heavily involved in DNA repair and cell repair; responsible for turning certain genes on and off; and essential for maintaining neurotransmitter levels, for the proper functioning of the brain.

MitoZen’s NAD+ Refuel is designed for the use of both the NeuroNAD™  & NeuroNAD™Mist.

Some of the most exciting uses of the MitoZen’s NAD+ REFUEL in are with Neurological Support, DNA Repair, Promoting Autophagy, Cellular Senolytic and Cellular Detox. See this article for more information on aging and disease and cellular senescence.

Direct NAD+ to the 2 most important and sensitive organs (Heart & Brain) to low levels of NAD+ with NeuroNAD!

The 2 Organs that require the most NAD+ and are also the most sensitive to low levels are the Heart and Brain. The magic of the combination program using both NAD+Max™ Mist & NeuroNAD™ Mist is very special.  The NeuroNAD™  supplies NAD+ directly into the Heart (inferior vena cava) via the rectum’s portal vein and NeuroNAD™  directly into he brain!  The Science is very special but try them your self and feel the difference.

 Its a great idea to use both NAD+ products pre and post head injury such a with football, hockey or any contact sport that can cause traumatic brain injury.


YOU see the amazing studies on Fisetin you will see why many are looking at this nutrients as the father of all anti aging substances. Take a close look at Micro Glial activation as well as Cellular Senescence to fully appreciate NAD+Max™.

NAD+& Polyphenols such as Fisetin are poorly absorbed through oral ingestion. Suppositories offer a valuable means to receive the most potent and fullest potential of these nutrients.Multiple studies on NAD+ have been done and currently ongoing for its critical step in the production of energy at the cellular level (ATP production in the mitochondria). Both NAD+Max & NeuroNAD™ Mist are both a powerful way to provide NAD+ to your cells as levels decline with age and chronic disease’s. NAD+Max & NeuroNAD™ Mist can be used in combination for an even stronger effect and replenishment protocol.

MitoZen’s NAD+ Refuel is designed as an example and is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease and it is suggested that you consult your health care provider before starting this or any other supplement program.

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