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Lumetol Blue™ Bullet+

Lumetol Blue™ contains 60mg of Methylene Blue and a variety of polyphenols that have photoactive properties. Please switch to the bar vs. breaking up 300mg Bullet.  Lumetol Blue can be taken orally. Photo-biomodulation is the term used where light therapy is used to promote positive changes in cellular and biological function. Light therapy comes in a variety of therapeutics such as laser, infrared lamps, red light therapy, and even just the positive effects the sunlight gives our bodies.  Various substances have what's called, "Photo-Activated" properties, and many of these are being looked at as therapeutics. Lumetol Blue™ contains the best photoactive nutrients available and they are placed into organic palm oil, for strong absorption and a sustained peak plasma level in your blood.   Please only use Lumetol Blue™ if you have discussed your use with your health care provider.