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Ultimate Support kit for CIRS 

After many years of development we bring you a home kit that actually works!  Dr. John was sick for many years, and was able to discover the key aspects of a natural, non drug and non anti-biotic approach to CIRS, Chronic Lyme Disease and or CIRS or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. This syndrome was first described by Dr. Richie Shoemaker, who has pioneered many aspects of diagnosing and treating mold illness, and runs the website Lyme disease, Breast Implant Illness and Mold Illness both share a similar phenomena where toxins are not adequately cleared from the cell based on the exposure and or build up of these, primary fat soluble, toxins such as biotoxins from the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi and the mycotoxins from mold organisms. Biotoxins are substances which are both toxic and have a biological origin. They come in many forms and can be produced by nearly every type of living organism: there are mycotoxins (made by fungi), zootoxins (made by animals) and phytotoxins (made by plants). See the biotin pathways and all the ways they can have negative effects on your health.