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Glutathione is the Holy Grail for a Healthy Brain & Body!

  • Kept cold, shipped cold - Added Probiotic Strains 
    Sustained Release Technology - Terpenes to improve effects
    GlutaMax™ 350, GlutaMax™600 & GlutaMax™1.5 contains 350mg, 600mg & 1,500mg of glutathione and terpenes, along with our proprietary AP0-808™ probiotic strain, Glutathione - the body’s most powerful antioxidant - which is also the brain's primary antioxidant.  This is the most advanced and strongest Glutathione support available anywhere, with a slow release over a 5-7 hour period, due to our proprietary slow release technology using SRT ™ Polysaccharide Complex.
Glutathione is one of the best antioxidants for immunity. Due to Glutathione being unavailable orally (due to absorption issues), the Glutagenic line of Glutathione Suppositories are a great option to keep Glutathione levels high.  Benefits shown in literature for Glutathione include:
  1. Immunity
  2. Sleep Promotion
  3. Detoxification of chemicals and Heavy Metals
  4. Down Regulation of Inflammation
  5. Reduce Allergies
Buy 3 orders of GlutaMax™ 350, GlutaMax™600 & GlutaMax™ 1.5 and get 15% off!

The 350mg & 600mg contain #30 & 1500mg contains #15 suppositories.