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Lumetol™ contains a variety of polyphenols that have photoactive properties. Photo-biomodulation is the term used where light therapy is used to promote positive changes with cellular and biological function. Light therapy comes in a variety of therapeutics such as laser, infrared lamps, red light therapy and even just the positive effects the sunlight gives our bodies. Much research has been done to demonstrate how we are truly light beings who thrive with the effects of light to our bodies. Various substances have what's called, "Photo-Activated" properties, and many of these are being looked at as therapeutics for a variety of conditions, such as anti-microbials and for degenerative neurological diseases. Lumetol™ contains he best photoactive nutrients available and they are placed into a organic palm oil based suppository, for a strong absorption and a sustained peak plasma level in your blood.  Lumetol™ is a good choice to use prior to light therapies for an added benefit. Please only use Lumetol™ if you have discussed your use with your health care provider.