What The Experts & MitoZen Customers Say



“I’m one of those guys who often take oral supplements and notices next to nothing. That’s not uncommon. Digestion, pass through the liver, the acidic nature of the stomach, and a host of other factors can keep you from properly absorbing precious molecules. But when I tried Dr. Lieurance’s Mists, liposomals and other unique delivery systems, I noticed them almost immediately. I have now used them successfully for jet lag, inflammation, and enhanced sleep and I’m completely enamored: these things are the real deal – and a valuable arsenal to any health hacker’s toolkit.”


Ben Greenfield Ben Greenfield’s Choice!


“I believe I had COVID-19 in early March and struggled with Post Covid symptoms.  I started using Glutagenesis and noticed it kept my cough and lung inflammation at bay.  I continue to use as I am also a mold/Lyme patient and use daily to support detoxification.  I also often recommend to my health coaching clients to help support them in their health journey.  It has become a product I rely on!”

Jodi Parnell Certified Integrative Health Coach


“I have used the Zen EO product. It is the real deal. It feels like I just came out of my sauna. I also use it to get back to sleep if I wake up in the  middle of the night. I just ordered their liposomal Super SandMan Ultra, so I am eager to see how it improves my sleep. I already take 5-HTP, melatonin, theanine, glycine, chamomile powder, and CBD oil before bed, so this will be an interesting comparison. I also ordered their liposomal NAD+Max™ Ultra, to compare against the NMN/resveratrol/pterostilbene/C60 fatty olive oil I already take sublingually in powder form.
I heard John on Ben Greenfield’s podcast and was most impressed, so I am expecting good results. Naturally, I will be a loyal customer for the Zen EO, though I have a good supply since I only take it once every few days, when I need a reset or to get back to bed in the middle of the night.”

Dr. Chris Kacher


“I have recently started using Mitozen’s  Sandman and NeuroDiol which I take rectally and OMG: the product is potent. I swear by it for a good night’s rest, with through-the-roof deep sleep scores.”

Eniko Bartha MitoZen Customer
“Zen spray has become my day to day favorite product!!
It helps me deal with stress and feel more relaxed and happy. I love it”!

Karla Giordano MitoZen Customer


“I have successfully improved my health on many dimensions, by using Mitozen’s cutting edge, high quality products. I have greatly improved chronic fatigue, chronic sinusitis, and overall feel stronger, more vital, and have a sense of wellbeing, thanks to their offerings which I have not been able to find anywhere else. Most supplements I’ve tried over the years, I haven’t been able to notice much benefit, but Mitozen’s products are powerful and are truly ahead of their time. I could continue to spend years throwing money at supplements or I could do something that actually works and move forward. The products are more expensive in general, but the returns are greater. I was very lucky to have some of their Glutastat (glutathione) on hand that I was nebulizing for a sinus infection. When my wife and I contracted COVID, nebulizing the glutathione was a blessing and powerful tool in our recovery. I had very few pulmonary symptoms due to the Glutastat, and whenever our lungs felt like cobwebs, or the headaches came, we would nebulize and find relief. I’m grateful to have this resource.”

Artie MitoZen Customer
“I contacted Dr. John in an attempt to address my seasonal allergies, consistent stuffy nose from business travel and winter Sinus Infections. I was using Flonaise and Zyrtec D as suggested by my traditional Primary Care physician in South Carolina. My goal was to get off the traditional over the counter unhealthy products and clear my sinuses naturally.
Dr. John has truly helped my issues with his Sinus Protocol. My constant stuffy nose and yearly 1-2 Sinus Infections has not been a problem since I began this protocol. I am super pleased by the recommendations, products and friendly/prompt service provided by the team at Advanced Rejuvenation. I would highly recommend giving them a try!”

Wil Riggs MitoZen Customer


“We have been dealing with some serious neurological disorders and always had to seek out a doctor that we trusted then change their protocol into our own based on lab results. Ever since I started buying MitoZen products I have saved money on doctor visits as well as supplements. We take way less supplements than before because your products taken rectally cover it all. We are seeing lots of progress and look forward to trying any new products you have coming in the future. By the way, your Super Sandman Ultra is a game changer as well as the Zen EO CBD. Thanks for all you do! “

Manuel MitoZen Customer


“Zen is a fantastic product to relax the mind when stress levels are running high or for quickly getting into the zone for a meditation session. The Mist burns in the nose initially but transforms quickly into a clear, calm mind state. Big fan of this plant-based medicine! “

Juliana MitoZen Customer