Get Well or Get REKT

Wellie continues to connect consumers with world-class products and services that will help individuals upgrade their human complex. Check the products below for some of the best solutions to help reset your nervous system and sleep patterns. In the future, Wellie will use cryptocurrency and DeFi to allow you to purchase such products; but for now, add one of these products to your cart and let us know what you think.

Sandman box


SandMan™ Ultimate sleep- High dose Melatonin& Glutathione, Hemp, Probiotics, Terpene’s &  Essential Oils.

ZEN OX Bottle

ZEN Meditation Mist

ZEN Meditation Mist™-  Provides a vagus nerve activation & a calm yet alert sense. Great for meditation or breathe work.


MitoLights (Red Light Therapy)

MitoLights is a natural red and near infrared lights or wavelengths of light, to supercharge your cellular energy which will improve the way you look and feel.

GlutaGeneis & Q powder


GlutaStat™-  Anti microbial solution for Intranasal use and can be Nebulized with doctors prescription.