Fast Track Fast Sheet

Purpose: Amplifying fasting results in a shorter period of time. 

What is accomplished in 5 days can be achieved in 2-3 days. 

  • Maximizing cellular energy prior to the fast.
  • Assisting the Autophagy & Mitophagy signaling response using Senolytics.
  • Stimulating a growth phase via stem cell and Hormetic Response.
  • Stimulating Microbiome Swarming and bacteria diversity, post fast.
  • Improve stem cell survival during re-feeding as stem cells are released.

Underlined words are defined in definitions at end. 

Phase 1: Cellular Energy Phase- Day 1-3

Purpose: Loading cellular NAD+. Increase cellular energy there fore a stronger stimulus to autophagy and ultimately better results for your fasting.

How to:

  • NAD+Max Suppository 2 times a days. After morning bowel movement and later in the day. 


  • Liposomal NAD+Max Ultra take 10 mil 2 times a day. (Substitute to suppository) 

Phase 2: Fasting Phase- Day 4-6 

Purpose: Activate Senecense & Autophagy using senolytics such as Lucitol – Activate greater Autophagy to clear out senescent cells and dysfunctional mitochondria.

How to:

  • Lucitol Suppository 2 times a days. After morning bowel movement and later in the day. (Substitute to suppository) 


  • Liposomal Lucitol Ultra – take 10 mil 2 times a day. 

Phase 3- Regeneration Phase – Day 7-9 

Purpose: To stimulate stem cells, growth and repair and regeneration through mTOR! How to:

How to:

  • Using StemTOR suppository, Perfect Amino’s and a diet high is protein during this phase will activates mTOR!
  • StemTOR Suppository 2 x a days. After morning bowel movement and later in the day. 
  • Perfect Amino’s 4 scoops per day. 5 grams per scoop. Best to take 15-20 grams a day during this phase s well as increase your dietary protein intake.

Phase 3 Options :

Activate MicroBiome “Swarming”  – Day 7-9 

Melatonin can be taken throughout this process and it might make sense to take large doses post Senolytic and Autophagy Phase to improve the “swarming Effect” of the beneficial flora in your gut. 400x’s more gut melatonin than brain melatonin.

  • Sandman Ultra Liposomal: 5-10 ml at night or Sandman Suppository 1 prior to bed. Both are 200mg of melatonin at the full dose. 
  • Mega Spore Biotic– a good spore based probiotic we like. Its good to take a diverse probiotic and rotate them as well as eat a variety of fermented foods.
  • ButaMax is a suppository with spore based probiotics along with butyrate. These together can support the colon and the microbiome and are delivered to the area they need to go where they won’t survive as well taken orally.

Improve Stem Cell Survival – Day 7-14

Stem cell survival once they are released rely on them being provided a safe environment. Studies support both Fucoidan and CoQ-10 as supporting them once they are releases into the circulation where they will work to heal and regenerate your body.

      • FucoStem– Take 1 suppository 1-2 times a day from day 7-14 (or even longer) this is for 1 week following your Phase 2.


  • Each phase can be extended to 5 days such as 5/5/5 or shortened to 2/2/2.  
  • Fast Track can be done with no fasting or an intermitted fast. For example in the Phase 2 you can do a 10-24hr fast. 
  • Lucitol  can be taken together during intermittent fasting for maximize autophagy. 
  • StemTOR can be taken on feast days. 
  • NAD+Max can be pulsed 2-5 days per week week independently to any fasting to load NAD+ to support mitochondria and cellular energy.


Microbiome Swarming- Cycles of probiotic growth periods through natural circadian rhythm stimulus. Generally activated through gut melatonin which is 400 times more than brain melatonin.

Autophagy- the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells. It can be activated through fasting & senolytic nutraceuticals.

Mitophagy- the selective degradation of old dysfunctional mitochondria through autophagy. It can be activated through fasting & senolytic nutraceuticals.

Senesent Cells-irreversible cell cycle arrest leading to inflammation and aging.

Senolytics– nutraceuticals that selectively induce death of senescent cells to improve health and longevity in humans.

NAD+- Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a cofactor central to metabolism. NAD+ levels decline with age and supplementing them can support general health through improving cellular, mitochondrial energy.

Hormetic- A dose-response phenomenon characterized by a healthy compensation for a stress such as with exercise or heat exposure. The beneficial effects of stress on aging and longevity have been studied for many years.

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