How The Affiliate System from Advanced Biome Corp Works in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Begin by directing your new affiliate to this page for registration-

Step 2: In the field asking for who referred them to us, ensure they know to input your name there so we can tie you two together ­čÖé

Step 3: Use your custom referral link to gain credit for your sales. Current referral links are setup as where the “UserName” portion is your user name without a space.

There is also room for you to make your own unique link when you use the custom slug field on your account page located here You will have to login to access this page.

Step 4: Profit from a company dedicated to making quality products so easy to sell, anyone can make a little extra money with little to no effort!

How to Use A Coupon Code

Advanced Biome Corp will from time to time run special promotions for our affiliates. You will be notified via email of these codes or given them when you sign up with us in person. These codes are to be used during the checkout process. Simply have your referrals use the coupon when checking out and you will be automatically credited upon successful payment.

How Do I Get Paid?

Easy! Keep Track of your commissions via our handy login page here and when you are ready, submit a pay request. We only offer bank transfers currently, however we will be using PayPal and/or Strip in the very near future for automatic payments for your convenience.