How to Extend Your Life Span!

I found this video the other day, and it’s quite good! I really enjoy Dr. David Sinclair’s communication style, very relaxed and informative.

For those that don’t have an hour and 45 minutes to spare (it is worth it, though!), here is a list of things we can do:

See the slide from presentation at 59:59:

What can I do?
1. Eat fewer than three meals a day. (Time Restricted Eating)
2. Work out to the point that you lose your breath.
3. Get a standing desk.
4. Do hip-hinge exercises foundation exercise.
5. Use biomarker feedback.
6. Sleep well. Reduce stress. See Sandman and Deep Dive into Deep Sleep Lecture.
7. Be honest with yourself and others.

See Dr John’s NAD+ Refeul Protocol here.