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SandMan™ Bullet (Glutathione & Melatonin)+


Sleep Quality is the "Holy Grail" for a

Happy and Healthy Life!

SandMan™contains 250mg of glutathione, 200mg of Melatonin, Terpenes, a Proprietary blend of SandMan Complex™ along with our proprietary AP0-808™ probiotic strain, the body’s most powerful anti-oxidant (Glutathione) is combined with the brains primary anti-oxidant (melatonin) along with SandMan Complex™ for neurotransmitter support for GABA to aid in deep relaxation.  This is the most advanced and strongest Sleep support, with a slow release over a 5-7 hour period to support sleep all night long, due to our proprietary slow release technology using SRT ™ Polysaccharide Complex. Deep sleep has been shown clinically to support the breakdown of amyloid beta protein tangles. Another important and recent finding in the science of sleep is that Deep sleep cleanses the brain. The waste removal system of the brain, the glymphatic system, is at its most efficient during deep sleep.  A recent international study shows it may be possible that getting too little deep sleep prevents glymphatic clearance and can cause neurological diseases. Your neurons will be swimming in their excrement without adequate deep sleep.

This product utilizes a unique approach to health and healing using super high physiologic melatonin supplementation. See this article on Melatonin. 

NAD+Max™ Bullet+


NAD+Max™  Each  contains 500mg of NAD+, 250mg of  NR (Nicotinamide Riboside) & 250mg of NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide). Our Vertical Spray contains 2,000 mg. What is NAD+? Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a metabolic co-enzyme that structures, repairs, and is an essential component of energy production (mitochondrial function). It is also heavily involved in DNA repair and cell repair, responsible for turning certain genes on and off, and essential for maintaining neurotransmitter levels for the proper functioning of the brain.

NAD+Max™  contains the finest and highest potency NAD+, NMN & NR along with the following plant-based Polyphenols: Fisetin, Ginkgo Biloba, EGCG, Lutein, Quercetin, Curcumin & Resveratrol. Also the following powerful Terpenes: Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Delta 3 Carene, and Alpha Phellandrene.

NAD+Max™ is a product that was developed with much excitement and care to make sure the blend was perfect.

About NAD+ & Why Choose MitoZen
Using a proprietary method to stabilize NAD+ so it is maintained in a suppository using Nano Lipo-Spheric Technology NLT NAD+™. NAD+Max™  is designed to provide the cleanest and most complete absorption of the NAD+ & Polyphenols through an SRT™ Slow Release Technology along with Nano Lipo-Spheric Technology NLT NAD+™.

One important aspect of consuming NAD+ is that it throws a lifeline to all of your cells, making them stronger. This includes the senescent cells, which are called zombie cells. We don't want to save these cells, as they create much inflammation and are linked to poor aging. Cleaning these cells up is the major benefit of fasting. See the amazing studies on Fisetin, and you will see why many are looking at this polyphenol as the father of all anti-aging substances, due to its analytic abilities.

Multiple studies on NAD+ have been done and are currently ongoing for its critical step in the production of energy at the cellular level (ATP production in the mitochondria). Mists are a powerful way to provide NAD+ to your cells, as levels decline with age. NAD+Max  & NeuroNAD+™ Vertical Spray can be used in combination, for an even stronger effect and replenishment.
1) NAD+Max™  (x10)
2) NAD+Max™Combo- NAD+Max™  x10 & NAD+Vertical Spray x1
3) NAD+Max™ Refuel Kit – NAD+Max™  x6, [Bulk, 120ml] Neuro NAD+Vertical Spray x1 = $1,817.70 Retail Value!

Lumetol Blue™ Bars+

Lumetol Blue™Bar  contains 175mg of Methylene Blue and a variety of polyphenols that have photoactive properties. Lumetol Blue Bars are to be taken orally. They are NOT a troche and are taken by placing it in the back of the mouth and drinking it down with a liquid so as not to have a blue mouth. Photo-biomodulation is the term used where light therapy is used to promote positive changes in cellular and biological function. Light therapy comes in a variety of therapeutics such as laser, infrared lamps, red light therapy, and even just the positive effects the sunlight gives our bodies.  Various substances have what's called, "Photo-Activated" properties, and many of these are being looked at as therapeutics. Lumetol Blue™ Bar contains the best photoactive nutrients available and they are placed into organic palm oil, for a strong absorption through the stomach. See MitoLights for information on Red Light Panels. Please only use Lumetol Blue™ Bar if you have discussed your use with your healthcare provider.