NAD+ Protects from noise-induced hearing loss!

Are you suffering from hearing loss? It might be poor mitochondrial function according to experts. I was training is a method of treating hearing loss and other inner ear disorder’s using a German method called LumoMed. During my extensive training with renowned Doctor, Amon Kaiser, I discovered to key to improving the hair cells in the inner ear was to improve mitochondrial function. Mitochondria, if your not familiar, are the little structures in all of our cells that allow us to make energy from our food. The LumoMed method uses a series of laser treatments aimed at the inner ear. It has been nothing short than amazing to see how this can make significant and positive changes with the function of the inner ears and hair cells.

Enter NAD+. NAD+ is all the buzz these days as an anti aging supplement that can radically improve mitochondrial function. This is most apparent to the most sensitive organs to low energy levels. The Brain and the heart. The brain and nerves which include some of the most sensitive nerves of all which are these little fragile nerves in your inner ear! By supplementing NAD+ levels scientists have found that they can subject animals models to noise that would normally cause deafness while air the same time supplimenting a precursor to NAD+ called NR that their inner ears do not become damaged like the animal that didd not receive the supplement.

This is why I have been using NR in my Functional Neurological practice for many years using both LumoMed and NR.

Since the launch of ABC’s NeuroNAD+ Refuel Kit I have been using this as an upgraded method to address this “energy” challenge that these sensitive nerves are starving for.

NeuroNAD Refuel Kit used for LumoMed hearing loss program.

This protocol is a 90 day program but can be made shorter as well. Anybody looking to make LumoMed work better or any regenerative capacity in the brain, nerves and heart they need to make sure that a proper NAD+ supplementation is included in your process!

Why NAD+, why mitochondrial function, why do we need energy to heal and why is is a rate limiting challenge is so many aspects of health?

NeuroNAD+ allows you to top off NAD+ without expensive and long IV treatments.

Energy is necessary to do work! Work is necessary to make new cells and tissues in the body! Your brain cells, heart cells and inner ear cells are going function directly in proportion to how much energy they have available. NAD+ has been shown to be the most rate limiting nutrient form this process. By supplementing NAD+ with NeuroNAD you can provide this vital nutrient to these mitochondria in your cells. This allows these cells to be healthy and work properly. Many health issues are directly related to low energy / mitochondrial function.

NeuroNAD+ Addresses the challenge the inner ear cells have to function properly.
Watch my video on NAD+ and how this Kit can save you money. IV’s costing $1,000-$1500 each and the NeuroNAD Suppository
(with close to the same amount of NAD+) is less than $20 each!

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