Statistics on Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills the 3rd leading cause of death????

Sleeping pills are criminal in my mind.

According to ScienceDaily, based on an article published in the British Medical Journal, “Feb. 27, 2012 — People are relying on sleeping pills more than ever to get a good night’s rest, but a new study by Scripps Clinic researchers links the medications to a 4.6 times higher risk of death and a significant increase in cancer cases among regular pill users.”

This is just speaking to the overall health risk and danger medications for sleep have in general.

The Pharmacy Times printed a story stating, “Sleeping pill users in the middle third (of sleeping pill consumption) had a 20% increased risk of developing a new major cancer, whereas those in the top third of users had a 35% increased risk. Zolpidem users in the top third had a 28% increased risk of major cancer. Temazapam users in the middle third had a 44% increased risk of major cancer, and users in the top third had a 99% increased risk. The study’s results indicated that the increased risk of death and developing cancer associated with sleeping pill use was not attributable to pre-existing diseases.”

That means these medications CAUSED CANCER in these cases.

By extrapolating their findings to the entire US population, the researchers estimate that sleeping pills may have been associated with 320,000 to 507,000 excess deaths in 2010.”

Did you read that? 3-500,000 deaths…… that makes sleeping pills the THIRD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH in the united stats……just 13% behind CANCER…. (potentially)

Here is the kicker….. if the sleeping pills are associated with these numbers and cancer is a clear side effect… many cases of the 600,000 cancer deaths a year are due to sleeping pills? The numbers start to blur, but it is clear these medications are causing MUCH more HARM than potential good.

Don’t support them by using them, someone’s life, if not your own may be on the line.

To see the bigger picture and the tremendous danger these drugs represent we have to consider according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), 2,468,435 people died in the U.S. alone in 2010. If this estimate is accurate it means that 13% to 20.5% of those deaths may have been associated with sleeping pills!

Again, a 460% higher risk of death, potentially contributing to 20.5% of all the deaths each year and a 99% potential increase in cancer for a non-life threatening condition is insane.

It is time for Sandman and NeuroDiol as well as other natural sleep products that actually give you “TRUE” sleep! When one considers the powerful effects from melatonin as a cancer inhibitor it makes sense that suppressing natural melatonin will increase cancer risks. Also so many negative aspects of health are caused by poor sleep many chronic inflammatory diseases such as fibromyalgia and many arthritic conditions are aggravated by poor sleep.

“Sleep like the log and wake like the frog my friend!”
Dr. John