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Fast Track Fast™ Ultra (Oral Liposomals)+


Purpose: Amplifying fasting results in a shorter period. 

What is accomplished in 5 days can be achieved in 2-3 days. 
  • Maximizing cellular energy before the fast.
  • Assisting the Autophagy & Mitophagy signaling response using Senolytics.
  • Stimulating a growth phase via stem cell and Hormetic Response.
  • Stimulating Microbiome Swarming and bacteria diversity, post fast.
  • Improve stem cell survival during re-feeding as stem cells are released.
Fast Track Fast Kits are Available in liquid liposomal formulations.
Silver FTF Kit 3/3/3 -Products needed to do a Phase 1,2,3 for 2-3 days each phase. Gold FTF Kit (x3) 3/3/3 -(x3- 3-day FTF Fasts) Products needed to do a Phase 1,2,3 for 3 days one week per month for 3 months. Platinum FTF Kit -x 9 FTF kits FTF Kits, Products needed to do a Phase 1,2,3 for 2 days each phase one time a week for 3 weeks, and Products needed to do a Phase 1,2,3  for 3 days each phase once a month for 3 months. This kit covers a full 3 months with a 2/2/2 fast each week except the one week that month you do the 3/3/3 fast. NEED SUPPORT WITH YOUR FASTING? SET UP A CONSULTATION WITH ONE OF OUR DOCTORS OR TEAM MEMBERS TO DISCUSS YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. 

Perfect Aminos+

This supplement gives you eight essential amino acids to support and maintain your body's muscular, skeletal, enzymatic, and hormonal systems. Our supplement includes the following amino acids: L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Lysine HCl, L-Methionine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Tryptophan, and L-Valine. PerfectAmino tablets contain no soy, dairy, or gluten and are vegan sourced from non-GMO ingredients. This amino acid supplement is designed to be efficiently used by the body, producing very little waste. PerfectAmino is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients in a GMP FDA-registered facility. This formula is also available as an amino acids powder.