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“Fast Track” Fasting Package

Fast Track Protocol Purpose: Amplifying fasting results in a shorter period of time. What is accomplished in 5 days can be achieved in 2-3 days.
  • Maximizing cellular energy prior to the fast.
  • Assisting the Autophagy & Mitophagy signaling response using Senolytics.
  • Stimulating a Growth Phase via stem cell and Hormetic response.
  • Stimulating microbiome swarming and bacteria diversity post fast.

BioHackers Starter Kit

$587.00 $526.95
If you're looking to dive into many of the products we have available, This package is a great deal for you!  You get the following: Sandman- Deep Sleep, high dose melatonin suppository (x3 suppositories) $24 Lucitol- Fisetin- Polyphenol plant antioxidant suppository (x5 suppositories) $40 GlutaMax 600mg High dose Glutathione Suppositories. x5. $ 25 NeuroDiol 125mg / 300mg- High dose CBD/Hemp suppository. (x3 suppositories of the 125mg/ x1 300mg) $33/$23 NeuroNAD Nasal Spray and Suppository. (x5 suppositories) $114 GlutaStat- Anti Microbial Nasal, upper respiratory clearing solution (Nebulized with RX) (1- 30 ml Bottle) $119 ZEN Nasal Spray Combo- Meditation and Vagus nerve stimulation. (1 bottle of ZEN EO & Original) $98 Travel Hacker Kit- Please note this is GlutaStat x1 , Mini Nebulizer, Sandman x2 & NeuroDiol x2. $230 - $119 = $111 Total is $587. With your discount you get 5% off 526 or $499.70





$1,301.90 $975.95

Ultimate Support kit for CIRS 

After many years of development we bring you a home kit that actually works!  Dr. John was sick for many years, and was able to discover the key aspects of a natural, non drug and non anti-biotic approach to CIRS, Chronic Lyme Disease and or CIRS or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. This syndrome was first described by Dr. Richie Shoemaker, who has pioneered many aspects of diagnosing and treating mold illness, and runs the website Lyme disease, Breast Implant Illness and Mold Illness both share a similar phenomena where toxins are not adequately cleared from the cell based on the exposure and or build up of these, primary fat soluble, toxins such as biotoxins from the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi and the mycotoxins from mold organisms. Biotoxins are substances which are both toxic and have a biological origin. They come in many forms and can be produced by nearly every type of living organism: there are mycotoxins (made by fungi), zootoxins (made by animals) and phytotoxins (made by plants). See the biotin pathways and all the ways they can have negative effects on your health.    

General Health Kit

$309.95 $259.95

General Health Kit Details

  1. Sandman™ Sleep Suppository (x 15)
  2. NeuroDiol™ Suppository 300mg (x10)
These products are a good option for those looking for a general program to assist with both sleep and inflammation. There are more benefits with these 2 options, which are high physiologic dosing of melatonin and Glutathione, as well as CBD/Hemp therapy. These 2 products work very well together for wellness and over all health, as well as to help inflammation, pain, poor sleep and chronic stress. The protocol is to generally take the Sandman at night, and the NeuroDiol in the day, usually in the morning after your morning bowl movement.

NeuroDiol Complete Package

$497.90 $419.95

NeuroDiol™ Complete Package Detail

NeuroDiol™ Tincture 2500mg NeuroDiol™ Nasal Spray 250mg NeuroDiol™ Deep Penetrating Cream 2500mg NeuroDiol™ Suppository 125mg (x10) We have worked hard to source the most potent plants in order to make our whole plant full spectrum hemp extraction. Numerous studies support the full spectrum hemp extraction over the isolated CBD products for effectiveness. Besides the natural terpenes maintained through careful processing, NeuroDiol™ Tincture, Nasal Spray and Deep Penetrating Cream  all have added terpene profiles, which make our CBD line of products incredibly advanced to support absorption and effectiveness of the CBD and other cannabinoids. Terpenes found in cannabis and hemp have been studied by the medical establishment for their healing powers and synergistic effects, which is called the entourage effect. This is the effect in your body, through various combinations of the cannabinoids, along with these terpenes. All the NeuroDiol products are made from organic hemp grown in a high altitude farm on the big island of Hawaii, where the volcanic soil is rich in minerals. The strain used in this product contains super high CBD levels and the legal amount of THC, along with the family of cannabinoids and terpenes normally contained in these special hemp plants grown with love and kindness. Some common protocols are 20-100mg of the NeuroDiol™ Tincture, apply the NeuroDiol™ Deep Penetrating Cream 2500mg to the painful area, then for fast breakthrough delivery the NeuroDiol™ Nasal Spray 250mg. For a higher dosage of CBD, the NeuroDiol™ Suppository 125mg or 300mg can really move the needle with CBD absorption and effect. Again please consult your healthcare provider regarding use and dosage of this product.  

NeuroDiol™ Severe Pain Package


NeuroDiol™ Severe Pain Package Detail

  1. NeuroDiol™ Tincture 5000mg or 2500mg ). (Choose below)
  2. NeuroDiol™ Nasal Spray 450mg
  3. NeuroDiol™ Deep Penetrating Cream 2500mg
  Again please consult your healthcare provider regarding use and dosage of this product. Please Choose which Tincture strength below. 2500mg or 5,000mg.

NeuroNAD™ Products

NeuroNAD™ Products. Each suppository contains 500mg of NAD+ and our Nasal Spray contains 2,000 mg. What is NAD? Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a metabolic co-enzyme that structures, repairs, and is an essential component of energy production (mitochondrial function); heavily involved in DNA repair and cell repair; responsible for turning certain genes on and off; and essential for maintaining neurotransmitter levels, for the proper functioning of the brain. NeuroNAD™ Suppository contains the finest and highest potency NAD+ along with the following plant based Polyphenols: Fisetin, Ginkgo Biloba, EGCG, Lutein, Quercetin, Curcumin & Resveratrol. Also the following powerful Terpenes: Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Delta 3 Carene, Alpha Phellandrene. Suppository delivery bypasses the GI tract and delivers NAD+ directly to the bloodstream.
1) NeuroNAD™ Nasal Spray in 20ml & 120ml options ( x1)
2) NeuroNAD™ Suppository (x10)
3) Combo-  NeuroNAD™ Suppository x10 & Nasal Spray x1
4) NAD+ Refuel Kit – NeuroNAD™ Suppository x60, Bulk 120ml NeuroNAD Nasal Spray x1,, Resveracel x3.


Stratus 03 Ozone Generator

$1,100.99 $949.00

This Ozone Generator Kit Contains Everything You Need For Nearly All Home-Based Ozone Applications

Get results with ozone, guaranteed - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee. Our most comprehensive kit, this includes the pieces necessary to get started with ozone administration at home. This kit includes a Stratus 2.0 Ozone Generator, one Water Bubbler System, one Ozone Stethoscope, one Administration Kit, one Ozone Cream Sample Pack, and your choice of an 870 or 540 Pediatric Regulator. The Stratus 2.0 Ozone Generator was designed by Simply O3 with the home-user in mind. Easy to use, economic, and brick sized, the Stratus 2.0 offers a long lifetime of 10,000 hours. The Stratus provides contaminant free ozone, so it can be used for any application. Each machine is fitted with a custom chart of concentrations to ensure the accuracy of the concentrations. The machine is the size of a brick, can be picked up with one hand, and weighs under 3 pounds which makes it easy for storage and transport. Simply O3 designed this machine using cold corona discharge, the most reliable ozone technology to date. This CE approved device has a lifetime warranty and a 6-month money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Travel Hacker Kit™


ABC has discovered a method for travelers to fly, without being insulted at the cellular level on the plane by EMF and poor air quality, with both a special nasal spray, as well as NeuroDiol™ 125mg & 300mg.  We have also solved the problem of "poor sleep" once at your destination, with our Sandman™ product.

Sided note: You might choose to purchase a 10 pack NeuroDiol™ to have extra for back up. I suggest doing the same  with the Sandman™.  It comes in packs of 15 , so for longer trips, and if repeat dosing is desired, order the 15. 

2) You should use the GlutaStat NS™ nasal spray every hour or so while on your flight.

3) Take a Sandman™ at the time of night you want to accustom yourself to time wise. This will reset your circadian rhythm very nicely. It is advised that you use the Sandman™ vs the Sandman plus™ if your first time.

Ultimate Sleep Combo 2

$434.00 $299.95
Ultimate Sleep Combo Details
  1. SandMan™ Sleep Suppository x15
  2. NeuroDiol™ Suppository 125mg x5
  3. NeuroDiol™ Suppository 300mg x5
Ultimate Sleep Combo Details: Our 2 most powerful Sleep products, so you can experiment with a combination, and find out which one works best your you! "When I really need a good night sleep, I take a 300mg NeuroDiol and a Sandman together, and my Oura Ring scores are in the 90's!" Ben Greenfield 

Sleep Quality is the Holy Grail for a Happy & Healthy Life!