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BioHacker’s Starter Kit

If you're looking to dive into many of the products we have available, This package is a great deal for you!  You get the following: Sandman- Deep Sleep, high dose melatonin bullet (x3 bullets) $24 Lucitol- Fisetin- Polyphenol plant antioxidant bullet (x5 bullets) $40 GlutaMax 600mg High dose Glutathione Bulles. x5. $ 25 NeuroDiol 125mg / 300mg- High dose CBD/Hemp bullet. (x3 bullets of the 125mg/ x1 300mg) $33/$23 NeuroNAD Mist and Bullet. (x5 bullets) $114 GlutaStat- Anti Microbial Mist, upper respiratory clearing solution (Nebulized with RX) (1- 30 ml Bottle) $119 ZEN Mist Combo- Meditation and Vagus nerve stimulation. (1 bottle of ZEN EO & Original) $98 Travel Hacker Kit- Please note this is GlutaStat x1 , Mini Nebulizer, Sandman x2 & NeuroDiol x2. $230 - $119 = $111 Total is $587. With your discount you get 5% off 526 or $499.70




ChelaTox™ (EDTA 900mg & Glutathione 250mg) +



ABC has a unique chelation product with both EDTA as well as the powerful detoxification molecule Glutathione. EDTA releases the cholesterol, and/or toxic build up in the body, and Glutathione uses its natural ability to wrap and transport the toxins out of the body.

Absorption and bio-availability is the key to how well it works. For end users, as well as physicians looking for the best quality, MitoZen has shown itself to be the proven leader in chelation. Science is important, as not all products are the same quality. Methods, formulas, ingredients, consistency, time-release, combined probiotic strains and other important aspects that create high absorption of EDTA and Glutathione.

Each bullet contains 900 mg of CaNa(2)EDTA , 250 mg of Glutathione,  SRT and APO-808 Probiotic Strain.

Heavy Metals, Chelation, and Detoxification: If you’ve been paying attention to the growing body of research on heavy metal detoxification, then odds are you’ve heard a thing or two about EDTA and other chelation agents. Before we get into the details of this powerful substance and how it works, let’s do a brief overview of heavy metals and the potential harm they can cause in the body. The harmful nature of lead, arsenic and mercury are well documented. There are dozens of metals in our environment which may be harmful to the body when ingested. It’s difficult to pinpoint all of the different ways in which these metals might enter the body (many are tied to specific professions). However, one common activity - which almost certainly results in excessive heavy metal concentrations - is the regular consumption of fish, especially the fish that eat other fish versus smaller fish such as snapper and sardines. Once inside the body, these metals have been known to inhibit the function of multiple physiological systems and processes, as well as promote the general proliferation of free radicals throughout the cellular structure of the body. This results in potential for numerous serious health concerns to arise. If you are a seafood eater, or if you exhibit symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, then finding a safe and effective means of detoxification is mostly likely a major concern for your health and well-being.

Understanding EDTA: Ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA) is a chemical which can be found naturally in certain seasonal plants. Its synthetic forms, most notably disodium EDTA and calcium disodium EDTA, were discovered and reproduced in labs as early as 1935. EDTA can be useful for health purposes due to its chelation properties. Chelation essentially refers to the bonding of ions and molecules in one substance (chelation agent), to metallic ions in a separate substance (chelate). This means that EDTA is capable of both attracting and binding to certain types of heavy metals. Naturally, many scientists and health experts have sought to apply these chelation properties to the human body. The idea is that as EDTA passes through the bloodstream and/or digestive tract, it will bond with toxic metals which can then be safely excreted via the urinary tract. A number of studies have been conducted to investigate whether or not this theory will actually work in practice. 

Important Considerations When Using EDTA: We strongly urge you to work with a healthcare professional before supplementing with EDTA. It is important to find a detox regimen that is right for your body, and your personal level of bodily toxicity. Information that may be of interest when talking to your health advisor: Safe and clinically proven - Clears toxic metal buildup in tissues and organs - Provides continual slow-release technology for gentle detoxification during sleep - High absorption and tissue concentration is proven in high-tech lab analysis - Proven long-lasting EDTA in system for deep heavy metal cleansing - Well tolerated by adults & children - Supports cardiovascular and bone health 

EDTA can lower zinc, copper, calcium and manganese.  If you are low in any of these minerals or plan on taking more than one order of ChelaTox, consider supplementing with these four minerals 24 hours after taking, then wait 12 hours before your next dose.  

IRE’ Eye Activation Formula


Ire' is made with 2 simple ingredients: Tabernaemontana undulata, the becchete or bëcchëte (pronounced b'-chéw-teh a  word for a is a plant species in the family Apocynaceae) and peppermint oil. Bëcchëte comes from the Amazon rainforest.

When your eyes are healthy the effect will give your environment greater texture and dimension.  Healthy eyes can be so long-term and when there is a visual enhancement, there is also an increase in energy and brain activation. ALL aspects of your brain have connections to your eyes. The healthier your eyes are the more balanced your brain will be. Eye stinging is normal and the sting gives it its vagus nerve support through the trigeminal nucleus. This product can be taken orally.

Mini Room Diffuser


Portable Mini Room Diffuser Machine Handheld Travel Humidifier Cool Mist  Kits for Adults & Kids.

This is a top-quality Mini Diffuser with the portability and ease of use for a busy lifestyle. The applications are impressive and this machine works very well with all liquid products! Everything you need comes with the box, such as adult and child mask, charger, and dust cover.

MitoSkin +


Introducing the one and only tool you need for amazing skin. It took 3 years of beta testing and experiments testing combinations of ingredients, to create the most effective and dramatic skin cream. Our goal is a reversal in the appearance of skin aging. We use Melatonin (don't worry this cream won't make you fall asleep), Resveratrol, Apocynin, Methylene Blue, Essential oils and GHK cu Peptide all in one skin cream. Try it for 30-90 days and see what your skin's potential really is. A 2 Oz bottle, can used in the morning and evening over face, neck and tops of hands for all skin types.

Neuro-Protection E-Book


Whats more important than keeping your brain healthy?

Protection of the brain and nervous system from toxins, chemicals, stressful environment and infections are among the most important endeavors. Especially when one wants to enjoy a healthy brain through their journey into old age.  I have become particularly interested in the use of psychedelic medicines in the clinical setting as an alternative to traditional talk and drug therapy. Neuro-Protection during plant medicine and even in sports where the likely hood of head trauma exists such as football and hockey can make a big difference long term in your brains health. In this ebook you will learn about ways to protect your brain using strategies I have developed over the last 30 years of practice. I outline specific strategies you can use in simple and straight forward language.

Dr. John Lieurance

NeuroDiol™ Vertical Spray +

NeuroDiol™ Nasal SprayNeuroDiol™ Vertical Mist is the newest and most exciting product at ABC. We have worked hard to source the most potent water-soluble CBD isolate in order to make our mist.   NeuroDiol™ has an added terpene profile which makes it extremely advanced to support absorption and effectiveness of the CBD. Terpenes found in cannabis and hemp have been studied by the medical establishment for their healing powers and synergistic effects, called the entourage effect. This is the effect in your body through various combinations of the cannabinoids, along with these terpenes. Please consult your healthcare provider regarding use and dosage of this product. NeuroDiol™ Vertical Mist comes in strengths 250mg (4.2mg per spray) &  450mg (6.7mg per spray)

Perfect Amino*

This supplement gives you eight essential amino acids to support and maintain your body’s muscular, skeletal, enzymatic, and hormonal systems.

Perfect Amino+

This supplement gives you eight essential amino acids to support and maintain your body's muscular, skeletal, enzymatic, and hormonal systems. Our supplement includes the following amino acids: L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Lysine HCl, L-Methionine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Tryptophan and L-Valine. PerfectAmino tablets contain no soy, dairy or gluten and is vegan sourced from non-GMO ingredients. This amino acid supplement is designed to be efficiently used by the body, producing very little waste. PerfectAmino is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients in a GMP FDA registered facility. This formula is also available as an amino acids powder.

ProByoMax™ Bullet – Probiotic / Butyrate+


Spore Based Probiotics & Butyrate? What a great idea!

Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid essential for optimal digestive health. Holistic health care advocates have been using butyrate in the form of an enema for many years throughout the U.S. Now we are able to offer the same effective strategy with ProByomax. There is evidence in the literature that butyrate can support people with distal ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel conditions like Crohn’s disease. The important function that butyrate serves in the digestive system is to reduce inflammation, however it has numerous other benefits. Butyrate is a byproduct of the digestive process that can strengthen colonic defenses, prevent re-uptake of toxins into the body, and increase intestinal barrier function. When butyrate levels in the digestive system are low, it can result in ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, and for some without an IBD condition it can cause diarrhea.  A butyrate Product like ProByomax is used to help restore the levels of butyrate in the colon.  Our sodium butyrate products are made of the highest quality materials.

This order comes with 10 each.