All infections will produces a very sticky substance called a biofilm which the is used to protect and hide the microbes from you immune system.


Infection are very prevalent in many people who are not symptomatic!


These infections can reside deep in the nasal passage and cause inflammation in the gut and brain putting a strain on your immune system. Many people unknowingly carry these infections that are causing these low level inflammatory situations in a chronic way.   This increases when the person has also been treated with antibiotics for a month or more.  Once they have taken up residence it will lower your Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone, increases cytokines, and lower T-reg cells resulting in Chronic Fatigue symptoms of body aches and debilitating exhaustion.  These are not just an infection but a commensal colonization that can become an infection.  These bacteria send chemicals into the blood (exotoxins A and B) that increase inflammation and by cleaving MSH causes a further decrease of MSH levels, which in turn creates more inflammation.  They live in the deep nasal passages and is common in all biotoxin illness. I have worked hard to formulate a protocol to address sinus health as it is notoriously difficult to irradiate!




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